To Instructors

All Course Outlines and Final Exam Papers are monitored by the IBC External Exam Board. We request all Professors/Lecturers submit your Course Outline and Final Exam Paper to IBC Office by using the following format.

Course Outline

The following sections are required:

  • 1. Course Description
  • This section should follow IBC Curriculum. Instructors should not change the contents.

  • 2. Recommended Texts
  • The Modern Language Association (MLA) citation style is used.

  • 3. Course Organization
  • The course organization should consist of 15 items with the names of the topics which are expected to be taught in each 3 hours period. The topics should be in accordance with the course description.

    If you have detailed course schedule, it is NOT recommended that you include it in this section; you can use separate page to hand to students in the class.

  • 4. Course Requirements
  • Midterm Examination is required for BA courses.

  • 5. Allocation of Marks
  • Compulsory Items for BA:

    • Midterm examination
    • Final examination

    Compulsory Items for MA:

    • Presentation
    • Essay assignment
    • Final examination

    Class attendance marks should not be more than 5%.

  • 6. Course Objectives
  • 7. Grading

Optionally, you can also add a section "Required Textbook"

  • 1. Course Description
  • 2. Required Textbook
  • 3. Recommended Texts
  • 4. Course Organization
  • 5. Course Requirements
  • 6. Allocation of Marks
  • 7. Course Objectives
  • 8. Grading

For Recommended Texts, the Modern Language Association (MLA) citation style is required.
How to Cite References Using MLA Style? Please see the PDF file here.
How to Cite Electronic Database Sources Using MLA Styles? See the PDF file here.

Reference books written by Buddhist monks:
There is no need to make a family name for Buddhist monks. Just use one word for monk authors. Fro example:
Narada Thera. The Buddha and His Teaching. Kandy: Buddhist Publiscation Society, 1988.
It is wrong to use "Thera, Narada."

Other examples:
"Bhikkhu Bodhi." not "Bodhi, Bhikkhu."
"Nyanaponika Thera." not "Thera, Nyanapokika."
"Dhammajoti KL Bhikkhu." not "Bhikkhu, Dhammajoti KL."
"Dalai Lama." not "Lama, Dalai" nor "Dalai, Lama."
"Bokanoruwe Devananda Thera." not "Thera, Bokanoruwe Devananda."

Guidelines for Final Examination Papers

It is recommended that the final examination questions should cover the contents of the Course Description.

For the courses such as English Language, it should include descriptive questions and at least one section contents an essay format question. See the sample final exam paper for non-Buddhism subjects.

Sample Course Outline to Download

Course Outline 1 (MA Final exam paper included)
PDF version, MS Word DOC version

Course Outline 2 (BA)
PDF version, MS Word DOC version

Course Outline and Final Exam Paper for BA Non-Buddhism Subjects
Sample Course Outline PDF
Sample final exam paper for non-Buddhism subjects PDF.

How to type Pali and Sanskrit diacritic letters, please see this webpage:

Updated on July 8, 2013