CB402 - School of Chinese Buddhism: Chan


Regular Lecture
December 25, 2017 – May 01, 2018
2p.m. - 5p.m.

Course Description

This course is a historical survey of the Ch’an (Dhyāna) school of Chinese Buddhism, one of the most influential Buddhist schools in China. The survey includes the most important periods in the development of this school, such as the introduction of Patriarch Ch’an into China for the first time, the establishment of Patriarch Ch’an as a separate School, and the divisions of Patriarch Ch’an over time. It will also outline the special features of the Patriarch Ch’an of each different major sub-school or lineage. Representative Ch’an masters or Patriarchs (including their biography, doctrines, method of teaching, influences etc.) of each important period will be discussed with reference to the historical background. This course is given in Chinese language.lecturer//lecturers

Some ebooks and articles can be downloaded at:
Course Organization
Lecture 1 Meditation Practice in Early Buddhism and Theravāda School
Lecture 2 Early meditation practice in China (Sarvāstivāda School)
Lecture 3 Ch'an Teachers before Bodhidharma
Lecture 4 Bodhidharma and his teaching
Lecture 5 Seng Can: The Third Patriarch
Lecture 6 Reform of the teaching of the "Eastern Mountain" (The Fourth and Fifth Patriarch)
Lecture 7 The sutra of Hui Neng (The Sixth Patriarch)
Lecture 8 Ch'an After Hui-neng
Lecture 9 Linji (Rizai) School
Lecture 10 Cao Dong School
Lecture 11 Chan Sub-Schools in Song Dynasty
Lecture 12 Sudden and gradual approaches to enlightenment
Lecture 13 The most influential Chan Masters in this Century.
Lecture 14 Viva voce / Presentation
Lecture 15 Review