Online Dictionaries for Buddhist Studies

Scanned Dictionaries, Djvu format with Indexed Headwords. Note: These dictionaries may not work in MS IE. Please use Firefox or other browsers.

A Sanskrit-English Dictionary (Monier-Williams)

Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Dictionary (Franklin Edgerton)

Pali-English Dictionary (T. W. Rhys. Davids)

Tibetan-English Dictionary (with Sanskrit Synonyms)

Unabridged Chinese Lexicon 漢語大字典

Chinese Large Lexicon (Taiwan)中文大辞典


The Digital Pali Reader
The Digital Pali Reader (DPR) is a tool in the form of a Mozilla Firefox extension, much like a hard-copy language reader, facilitating study of the Pali language at an advanced level. Rather than offering a translation for the text being read, a reader usually includes a dictionary with all of the difficult words found in the reader.



以下zip 附件是“巴汉英日电子辞典及巴利三藏助读软件”,下载后,可以在微软 Windows 上运行。