New IBC Website has been launched

These days the ICT team has launched a new revision of the IBC website. On the new website you find information about IBC, about its lecturers and students and about the academic curriculum. Furthermore we launched local guides with information about Pak Thong Chai (Korat campus) and Khlong Ngae (Sadao campus). Finally you find a photo gallery with many impressions about IBC, its people and surroundings.

All the course descriptions can now be found online within the curriculum section. The course outlines will be attached to the course descriptions these days. Always the course outlines of the last lecture held will be displayed. The course descriptions for the concurrent semester can be found under the link Ven. Satyajit will administer these sections.

Together with the new website we created an official IBC site on Facebook:

The account Bahunam Vata Atthaya is used to administer this site. Please connect to this account as friend. Please help us to promote our website by pressing the Facebook "Like" button on the start page of our website and by recommending our site to your Facebook-friends.